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lindy's at the beach kids glamour parties      lindy's at the beach kids glamour parties

"Girls Day Spa & Party Palace"


Divas & Darlings is the area's only premier Girls Day Spa & Party Palace for ages two and up.  We offer both Palace Parties as well as Individual Appointments, both for ANY reason!   We have even created Parties for Boy invites.


Our beautiful 1,200 square foot Day Spa & Party Palace is adorned in a way that is sure to be the perfect place for your Individual Spa Visit or Party.  Value, details, service, and exciting parties make us the choice for discriminating clients with uncompromising standards. Come visit us & book that very special experience that your little girl will never forget. 


Girls Day Spa Stations

Our Girls Day Spa Services include Girls Spa Manicures, Spa Pedicures, Spa Hairstyles, Spa Make-up, Spa Facials, & Spa Massage. These Day Spa Services include a “Spa Drink”, Spa Robe, & Spa Slippers to use at the spa. At the end of these Spa Services she may take a Walk on The Runway for a stunning fashion show, where you may bring a costume for her to change into.  She will leave her “palace” beautified & happy like true Royalty.  You may also choose from our “Express” Day Spa Services.


                                Spa Mani                             

Enjoy a soft hand soak followed by gentle nail care & a mini hand massage with moisturizing lotion. Finished with a choice of the latest nail polishes made for royalty!  Includes one nail sticker and finger ring.

Spa Pedi                                                                       

Sit back in our pedicure chair & relax while we pamper the toes in a soft soak followed by gentle nail care & a foot & leg massage with moisturizing lotion. Finished a choice of the latest nail polishes!  Includes one nail sticker & toe ring.

Spa Facial                                                                     

Your special little one will feel like a pampered Spa girl with a light cleansing & the application of our all natural smooth and fresh chocolate or strawberry facial mask and Cucumbers on her eyes. Finished with light face & neck massage & moisturizing. 

Spa Hairstyle                         

Royal treatment is what she will get with time taken to help her choose the perfect look she is dreaming of: An Updo, Half up/Half down, Curls, or Braids and finished with a "Fairy Dusting".

Spa Make up                                              

Start with a face cleansing followed by a nourishing moisturizer, & then a full application of child friendly Sparkling Eye Shadow, Blush, & Lip Gloss with her choice of colors. Finished with a Glitzy Face Tattoo.

Spa Massage                                                                

We create a relaxing & calming experience for her with soft massage oils, natural aromatherapy essential oils, & a light touch chair massage.


Express Day Spa Services

Our Express Spa Services do not include everything that our Day Spa Stations include, yet your lil one will be treated & pampered like royalty the same way as all our services!  Included is only what is listed:

Express Massage:  Neck  &  Shoulder Light Touch Mini Chair Massage                                 

Express Make-Up:  Simple Glittery Eye-shadow, Blush & Lip Gloss Application                       

Just a Polish Fingers:: Choice of Polish on Fingers                                                                              

Just a Polish Toes:: Choice of Polish on  Toes                                                                                        

Express Facial:  Application  of  Strawberry or Chocolate Face Mask                                            

Express  Hair:  Simple  Style

Girls Day Spa Combo Packages

All Girls Day Spa Packages include: Spa Robe & Slippers to Wear During Spa Services, "Spa" Drink, & Walk on the Runway.

Pampered Princess Treatment                                             

Spa Mani ~ Spa Pedi ~ Spa Facial

Sassy Treatment                                                             

Spa Mani ~ Spa Hairstyle ~ Spa Makeup

Deluxe Decadence                                                                     
Spa Mani ~ Spa Pedi ~ Spa Facial ~ Spa Hairstyle ~ Spa Makeup

BFF Bonding For 2                                                       

Spa Mani ~ Spa Facial


Party Palace Parties

Darling:  Pick 2 Party Palace Spa Stations          


Diva:  Pick 3 Party Palace Spa Stations            


Deluxe Darling: Pick 4 Party Palace Spa Stations   


Deluxe Diva: Pick 5 Party Palace Spa Stations  


Grand Supreme: 6 Party Palace Spa Stations   

What's Included?

  1. Spa Robe, & Slippers OR Tiara for Guest of Honor & Boas for BFF's, all to Wear During the Party
  2. "Spa" Drink
  3. Music Playing, Dance Floor Open, Hanging out in the Lazy Lounge
  4. Walk on the Runway with Friends Photo Op
  5. Presents in the Lazy Lounge
  6. Gathering at "Cake Place" for Birthday Wishes & Cupcakes To Go!
  7. Up to 8 Girls ~ Option for Additional Girls ~See "Indulgences" for Add On's


Party Palace "Express" Parties

Spa La La:  "Just a Polish"@ the Nail Bar                  


Ahh La La: "Just a Polish" @ the Pedi Pad            


Mmm La La: Face Mask @ the Facial Factory     


Ooh La La*: Style @ Hair Headquarters                 

*Note: Ooh La La is priced at 5 Girls

What's Included?

  1. Tiara for Guest of Honor & Boas for BFF's to Wear During the Party
  2. Music Playing, Dance Floor Open, Hanging out in the Lazy Lounge
  3. Walk on the Runway with Friends Photo Op
  4. 1 Hostess, Up to 8 Girls ~ Option for Additional Girls ~ See "Indulgences" for Popular Add On's!


Party Palace Spa Stations

Hair  HeadquartersUpdo, Curls, or Braids

Make-Up Lab: Glittery Eye Shadow,   Blush, & Lip Gloss   

Pedi Pad: Polish on the Toes 

Mani Bar: Polish  on the Fingers 

Facial Factory: Chocolate or Strawberry Face Mask

Massage Oasis: Neck  &  Shoulder Light Touch Mini Chair Massage


Party Palace Theme Parties


Blacklight DJ Dance Party: Great for Boy Invites, Non Birthday Celebrations, Tweens & Teens

Come dressed to impress to a theme of your choice and get dance-ready at our Glow Stations: Glow Nail Polish, Glow Face "Paint", Glow Hair, & Glow Necklace & Bracelet! Then, we pump up the fun with DJ Led & Open Dancing as you see yourselves illuminate under the Black-lights!  See "Indulgences" section for popular add on's!                            


Karaoke Rock Star Party: Great for Boy Invites, Non Birthday Celebrations, 7 & Older

The stage is set, but before you can impress your fans, get into a Rock Star state of mind with Rockin' Hairdos, Pop Star Hair Extension, Glittery Make-Up & The Perfect Finger Polish.  Then, the Rock Star & her "Groupies" perform 3 Karaoke Songs with their very own Rock Star Headsets! Come dressed in your favorite rock star outfit! The Rock Star can choose her songs from our Karaoke list & practice the songs & dance moves for her big debut!   See our "Indulgences" section for popular add on's!      


Straight From The Runway Diva Fashion Show

Modeling Debut with Model Makeup, Glitzy Face Tattoo, Dazzling Fingernails, & Glamorous Hairstyle.  Finish out your fabulous look with your own feather boa & bling ring!  Then, each girl is announced as she Rocks The Runway with this season's hottest designs!  The Show ends with a Friends PhotoOp & post-show Dancing.  Ask guests to wear or bring their hottest Fashionista attire! See our "Indulgences" section for popular add on's!  Suggested Age: All Ages.                                            


Princess Ball                                

A modern day Princess Ball with Fairy-tale Up-dos, Sparkling Makeup, & Dazzling Nail Polish. A Crowning Ceremony where each Princess is announced & given her own Crown, Mini Wand, & a sprinkling of Fairy Dust. The Ball concludes with a Friends PhotoOp & Dancing.  Ask Guests to wear or bring their Princess Gowns!  See our "Indulgences" section for popular add on's!  Suggested Age: 8 & Under.                           


Nighttime Glamour Pajama Jam Slumber Party

Come with your Pj's on for a fun filled night! Visit the Facial Factory, Mani Bar, Pedi Pad & Hang out in the Lazy Lounge while enjoying a Fruit Smoothie, Popcorn, & your favorite Movie in your PJ's!  Or skip the movie, & we can have the music playing & dance floor open! Suggested Age: All Ages                 


What Else Is Included?

  1. Presents in the Lazy Lounge
  2. Gathering at "Cake Place" for Birthday Wishes & Cupcakes To Go!




Palace "Specialty"


Cheer & Dance Competition & Recital Ready

Complete Package                                                           

Event Hair

Airbrush/Stage Make up

Airbrush Tan


Mini Package                                                                          

Event Hair

Make up Application

Add Airbrush Tan for only $20

Concert Ready

Complete Package                                                             

Concert Hairstyle

Colored Hair Extension

Glitter Hair Spray

Glitter Makeup

Glityz Face Tattoo


End Of Season Palace Parties

We can tailor one of our Palace Parties for your Group's event! Sports, Girl Scouts, Dance & Cheer Teams, Youth Groups & More!


Sweet 16 Red Carpet Affair

Create THE party that she will remember forever!  The first step is setting up a VIP Party Creation appointment with Lindy.  She will take your ideas, together with hers, utilize her many professional contacts, and create the perfect Sweet 16 party you have ever dreamed of!  She shares her ideas only in these appointments so that each party is unique and unlike any other!



Can be added on to any Girls Day Spa Service & Palace Party



Seating @ "The Head Table"                     

Pizza, Hot Dog, or Chicken Nuggets,  Beverage, Supplies. Add 15 minutes


Gathering at "Cake Place"                        

Birthday Wishes, Cupcakes, Beverage, Supplies, Seating @ "The Head Table". Add 15 minutes



Seating @ "The Head Table": Bring Your Own              

Gathering at "Cake Place": Bring Your Own                                      


Fruit Smoothie                                         

Bottled Water                                           

"Spa" Drink                                                         

Use of Spa Robe & Slippers                                

Princess Tiara                                                        

Princess Wand                                                       

Hair Tinsel                                                               

Color Hair Extension                                            

Glitzy Face Tattoo                                                 

Glitzy Body Tattoo                                                

Nail Sticker(One Nail)                                            

Toe Sticker(One Nail)                                             

Toe or Finger Ring                                                

Party Favor Buffet(5 items)                                 

Glow Necklace & Bracelet            


Adult & Sibling Accommodations                     

Lazy Lounge Present Ceremony

Add 15 minutes

Party Palace Policies

Available Prior To Booking and Must Be Signed At Booking.


Palace Front Desk: 724-981-7866.

Contact Lindy Directly: 724-854-8266 or


Individual Appointments & Parties 7 days a week

Walk In' Welcome ~ HIGHLY recommend calling ahead

We Will Create Any Party or Individual Appointment To Meet Your Budget & Your Lil Girl's Personality!

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paul mitchell salon of hermitage
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