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The Shake Bar

Your source for the healthiest, most delicious, and nutritionally sound Shakes. Our Shakes Have All Natural & Pure Ingredients that Promote Healthy Bodies and Total Wellness.


Crushed Fruit: Quality ingredients made from fresh, vine ripened fruit that contain NO artificial flavors, NO artificial preservatives, NO artificial colors. Fat Free with accurate portion control with a super Anti-oxidant vitamin and mineral panel that meets USDA's 100% fruit requirements.


Cafe Blends: Gourmet Specialty Beverage with quality ingredients that contain NO trans fat, No hydrogenated oils, No artificial sweetners, No added colors & Gluten Free.


Synergistic Nutes: We know that nutrients do not act singularly. They function only by multiple interdependent interactions with each other. Therefore, we have decided to focus on the most important concerns that impact our Performance goals: Mind, Energy, Immune System, Cardiovascular System, Lean Body Index and Body Whole. We combine those nutrients that science has proven to be most effective and make it easy to add them to your shake. Just one or two scoops of any one of our synergistic blends will add a number of important vitamins and minerals to any shake. These nutrients are best absorbed if taken within 30 minutes of your workout.


Proteins & Builders:  Proteins and Builders are made from the highest quality, all-natural ingredients - the way nature intended. Our Supplements are used by athletes and whole families alike to improve not only performance levels but general well-being too.  Commonly associated with serious bodybuilders, the use of Protein supplements is now recognized as a key macronutrient to a healthy life. Protein supplements are critical in providing faster workout recovery, enhanced immune response, weight management, stabilizing blood sugar, anti-aging, cardio vascular health and increased strength.

Flexible in its use, our Proteins and Builders can be adapted for use in anyone’s diet. These natural Supplements can be added to solid food such as pancakes, baked goods, parfaits and cereals or consumed in a liquid form, such as healthy fitness smoothie, milk or water.


Nutritional Values are always available.  Over 50 delicious and Healthy Shakes to choose from.  Look for our monthly "Trainer Shake of the Month"!

paul mitchell salon of hermitage
paul mitchell salon of hermitage
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